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The ROAR Show BannerThe ROAR Show, “Respect Others and Act Responsibly,” is an enrichment school assembly program suited for children in grades 2 through 5. The talk inspires the students to respect others, make positive choices and to act responsibly. The best part of the ROAR show is that it’s FUN! It’s delivered at an elementary level with stories to which the children can relate. The talk is further enhanced with audience participation and magic!

You’ll see the students sitting at the edge of their seats, listening, watching and absorbing this very powerful, positive message. Your children are going to love the show.

You’ll listen to the buzz of the teachers and parents. You’ll hear them talk of the fun the students had and how well the speaker related to the them, making the concepts and principles easily understood. 

To book this assembly program at your school,

please contact: 

Al "The Respect Guy" at 1-800-874-2591


3 Responses to Respect School Show ROAR Assembly Program Act Responsibly

  1. Jan Jalosky says:

    This is great message~“Respect Others and Act Responsibly”~love the way you are
    reaching children at the age they need to realize how important it is. Keep it up~The more
    who get a chance to hear your messages the better they will grow into fine adults..

  2. Collette Collins says:

    I am interested in having you come to our school in Port Huron, MI.
    ROAR program

    Please contact me

    • Hello Collette,

      It was a pleasure speaking to the students of Michigamme Elementary last October. Thank you again for arranging my appearance.

      I wil be back in your area this February and at the end of May. I will then return the last week of September. Gearing Elementary in St. Clair just booked me for September 28, 2012. If you know of any schools in your area that would appreciate the message of respect and responsibility delivered in a fun, memorable program, PLEASE ask them to contact me.

      Thank you again. Happy New Year! And may you enjoy a safe, productive and positive school year.


      Al “the Respect Guy”

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