Student Is Moved By The ROAR Show School Assembly Program

The ROAR Show School Assembly Program "Respect Others and Act Responsibly" with Al The Respect Guy asks teachers, parents and  administrators for their feedback.

At the end of each school assembly presentation the teachers are ask to evaluate the show. One of the questions asked is for the teachers opinion on the ROAR Show’s overall impact made on the students.

  1. Brought The Message Home
  2. Too Soon To tell
  3. No Major Impact.

Even though this teacher circled that it was too soon to tell, she added the following note:

"Although it is too soon to tell about the overall impact of your show, one student came to me after and told me she was disrespectful to another teacher and wanted to apologize. Too cool! Thanks Al!"

Jen R.

Fifth Grade Teacher

Universal Learning Academy, Dearborn Hts., MI (Michigan)

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