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Here's What Educators Just Like You Have Been Saying About Al "the Respect Guy" And The ROAR Show!

The ROAR Show is a highly acclaimed educational, enrichment assembly that is a fun and exciting program for elementary school children. It compliments and fits in well with many positive behavioral programs that schools are using all around the country.
“Everything was appropriate for the grade level. You kept the students engaged throughout the presentation. I would not change anything! All the messages were useful life skills, I will be able to connect the messages the students saw today.”

Kathy Deckert, 4th grade teacher

Violet Elementary, St Clair Shores, MI
“The ROAR Show was a creative way to teach anti-bullying. I enjoyed it and have no suggestions to change anything.”

Kate Dooley, 4th grade teacher

Winkler Elementary, Burlington, WI
The ROAR Show
“We recently had "Al The Respect Guy" perform The ROAR Show. It’s called Respect Others and Act Responsibly. It really fits in well with our PBIS system, a positive behavior system. The children really got a great, strong message from the show that we should act responsibly and be respectful to others. It will fit into our whole school of anti-bullying and treating others appropriately. We highly recommend the show to other schools because it’s just a wonderful experience for children to hear such a great message. Thank you.”

Lei Vickers, Curriculum Coordinator

Kamalii Elementary, Kihei, Maui, HI
“This was one of the most amazing shows that we’ve had at the Star International Academy. I’m definitely going to have Mr. Ulman (The Respect Guy) perform yearly for us. He was really great at integrating both ethical and moral values of respect for one’s self along with respect for others and the environment, and parents really responded favorably, too.  Thank you.”

Jehan S. School Involvement Liaison

Star International Academy, Dearborn Heights, MI
“It was very educational and entertaining. The information was presented in a fun way that held the students’ attention and interest. ”

Amy Shudy, 1st grade teacher

Lamb of God Lutheran, Las Vegas, NV
“We have been very fortunate to bring the ROAR Show to Hampden Meadows three times in the past 6 years. Al's message of Respect and Responsibility resonates with our staff and students, and they always request him to come back!”

Jamie Poirier, School Counselor

Hampden Meadows, Barrington, RI
“Thanks for helping our students to really reflect on how important positive interactions are with others!”

Patricia Cells, Reading/ Writing Coach

Meadow Woods Elementary, Orlando, FL
“The students connected with the acronym “ROAR” and understood the over all message of respect and responsibility. An entertaining way to promote a very positive message.”

Lee Ann J., Music Teacher

Lakewood Elementary, Holland, MI
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Principal Teresa Winters, loves The ROAR Show at Hillcrest Elementary in Elgin, Illinois
"My name is Teresa Winters, I am the proud principal of Hillcrest Elementary in Elgin, Illinois. The ROAR Show Assembly was at our school with an awesome message of respect and responsibility. This reinforced what we talk about every day. If you haven’t had him, GET HIM. Al The Respect Guy does a phenomenal job. The message is well received and it’s not only for our students but our teachers and parents as well. What a message! What an exciting time!"
Thank you.

Teresa Winters, Principal

Hillcrest Elementary, Elgin, IL
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"The ROAR Show makes a positive difference in the lives of children.

I wanted to send a big thank you to you again for coming and performing the "ROAR" show here at Two Rivers - Dos Rios Elementary in Springfield. The students and staff really enjoyed it, and this morning I noticed teachers using a few of your resources during the Morning Meeting time we have school-wide in all classrooms. Thanks again for filming the short segments for my "Principal Log" video blogs for our school community. Thanks again, all the best, and safe travels!"

Charlie Jett, Principal

Two Rivers, Dos Ríos Elementary, Springfield, OR
The ROAR Show Lahaina News Story
“The ROAR Show was very captivating. Our children's attention was great and the message was clear about being respectful. Al “The Respect Guy” teaches a great lesson about respect through captivating magic tricks. Kids will love it.”

Alesandra Pina, 2nd grade teacher

Central Elementary, Lincoln, RI
The Roar Show Hampden Meadows Elementary Barrington, RI
“My students and I enjoyed the entire show. The magic and visual aids stick in their mind. They remember the heart, the different magic tricks and connect them to our life skills. The ROAR Show will help them to remember to always be a friend and to respect others.”

Lindsay LaCross, 4th grade teacher

Violet Elementary, St Clair Shores, MI
The ROAR Show in the ALPENA NEWS Michigan
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