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What age group is the assembly for?

The ROAR Show has two age-appropriate presentations designed for grades 1 & 2 and grades 3-5. (In a K-6 building, the sixth graders are welcome to join the older group.)

What is the length of the assembly?

The length of the presentations is approximately 40–45 minutes for grades 1 & 2 and approximately 50–55 minutes for grades 3-5. Most schools block out two hours for the use of the assembly room to facilitate both presentations back-to-back.

What is meant by back-to-back assemblies?

Having two assemblies one after the other; both in the morning or both in the afternoon is considered back-to-back.

What do students get out of the assembly?

Your students get an enrichment program that is educational as well as fun. They get reminders to be kind and friendly with each other, and to include each other in studies, projects, activities and playtime. They are given examples to be tolerant with others and accept their differences. Your students get a stronger foundation of positive and proper behavior.

Are there support materials for the teachers?

Absolutely! I help make it easy by providing The R.O.A.R. Show - Behavioral Support Package, which includes teaching aids of work sheets and activity pages. (Coloring pages, word searches, mazes, crossword puzzles and a sheet with 19 suggested topics for classroom discussion.) The school also receives three ROAR Show posters. All this is included with the assembly presentation.

How does The ROAR Show benefit our school & students?

Everyone benefits. Students are taught positive behavior with stories and examples presented at their age level, so they can incorporate what they've learned at the assembly into their daily lives in school and at home. When children aren't intimidated, or worse - bullied, they feel safe to attend school. When children feel good about themselves, their stress levels diminish, and they concentrate more in class and on their studies. Your children, school and community benefit by having The ROAR Show, which is an enrichment, character building assembly.

What does our school need to provide?

To help keep cost down for your school, we ask you to supply a microphone, a PA system with an additional external jack to plug music into, two tables (typical 6’-8’ folding tables), and a stool (doesn't have to be adult size). Please have all this set at least one hour before the first presentation.

What is the cost for The ROAR Show program?

The ROAR Show has two age-appropriate presentations for grades 1 & 2 and grades 3-5. The cost is $1,197* for two presentations back-to-back at the same location or $925 for one, for either age group. Call today; 808-874-2591, to find out when The ROAR Show will be in your area.

*Above price is for continental United States. Please contact us for pricing in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

What are the take away messages from the ROAR Show?

The acronym ROAR is easy for your students to remember: Respect Others Act Responsibly. It’s a simple message that is the core of the golden rule.

Your students’ take away messages are to be kind and to be nice to each other. It’s better to be a buddy; not a bully. To use your hands to help someone not to hurt them. Be an upstander, not a bystander. To include each other in class, when working on projects and while playing.

How can teachers utilize the message of the ROAR Show?

Teachers use the messages presented during the assembly by referring to them all year. It’s a call back to the presentation and a reminder of the students of their behavior expectations. Notes from teachers tell us that one thing they say to the students is, “Do you remember what Al the Respect Guy said about…? It get’s the students attention every time.”

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