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 Tip:   Practice Patience    

A problem for many conversers is impatience when interacting. They may interrupt inappropriately, finish the speaker's sentences, or think ahead without staying in the moment to listen. 


Here's a simple method to become more patient: Practice.


Where? While standing in line at the post office or at the DMV. Or waiting for a bus or subway to arrive. Then, instead of fussing around and getting impatiently upset, you can breathe deeply, stay in the moment, and choose to enjoy the pause. (You'll also lower your heart rate and blood pressure when doing this, and that's a health benefit.)


After some practice, you'll know that you can choose patience. You can truly say, "I know I can be patient because I've done it many times."


Loren's lesson: "Perfect patience brings instant results."


Until next time,



My friend, Dr. Loren Ekroth, Ph.D. aka"Dr. Conversation" publishes a newsletter entitled "Better Conversation Newsletter - Raising the Standard of Conversation in Life."  You can subscribe to it by contacting Loren at loren@conversationmatters.com. Tell him Al "the Respect Guy" sent you.

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