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"The ROAR Show – Respect Others Act Responsibly" is a national touring elementary school assembly program. It's an entertaining approach to the serious topics of bully prevention (anti-bullying), character building, respect, inclusion, responsibility and the use of good manners. Al "the Respect Guy" helps promote your Learning Behavioral Expectations, so children feel safe coming to school. This program is designed as an interactive and engaging educational assembly program presented in elementary schools  and has been seen in 32 states and counting. It offers positive behavior solutions with two age-appropriate programs for elementary school audiences; grades 1 & 2 and grades 3-5.

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The ROAR Show - Respect, Positive Behavior School Assembly Program is available in all 50 states.

Inclusion, Diversity, Accepting Differences and Being Kind are all talked about in 
The  ROAR  Show Assembly Program

Mean Words Hurt - Be a Buddy, Not a Bully - The ROAR Show - Respect, Bully Prevention, Positive Behavior, School Assembly

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The ROAR Show – Respect Others Act Responsibly, School Assembly - Wisconsin

The ROAR Show - Respect School Assembly STAR and PBIS Program – Rhode Island

The ROAR Show - Respect Assembly - Well worth time spent out of the classroom - Michigan

The ROAR Show fits in with our Leader In Me concept  Respect School Assembly – Texas

The ROAR Show fit in perfectly to our Leader In Me, Respect Assembly. 5-6 Grade School - Michigan

The ROAR Show - Respect Elementary School Assembly - Florida

The ROAR Show - School Assembly Program Fits In Well With PBIS Positive Behavior System - Hawaii

The ROAR Show - Respect School Assembly Character Building Program – Ohio

I highly recommend The ROAR Show with "Al The Respect Guy" -  Respect Assembly – Michigan

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