The R.O.A.R. Show, “Respect Others Act Responsibly,” is an educational, enrichment school assembly program that helps with character building and positive self-esteem, and its FUN!

Designed for grades K-2 and grades 3-5, The ROAR assembly program uses storytelling, audience participation and a little bit of magic to captivate students with age appropriate lessons of inclusion, respect, responsibility, safety, bully prevention and accountability for their actions. Elementary schools book the ROAR Show and utilize its lessons and activity worksheets to help remind students of their school-wide learning behavior expectations to allow for a positive school environment.

You’ll see your students sitting at the edge of their seats, attentively listening, watching and absorbing this very powerful, positive message. Your children are going to love the ROAR Show, GUARANTEED!

You’ll listen to the buzz of the teachers and parents. You’ll hear them talk of the fun the students had and how well the speaker related to the them, making the concepts and principles easily understood and immediately applicable in their daly lives. 


To book this assembly program at your school,

please contact: 

Al “The Respect Guy” at 1-808-874-2591